Most frequently asked questions about our products

The NoStik® foils can be heated up to 260 °C without being damaged.

When using a NoStik® pan sheet, we recommend frying at 80% of the maximum capacity. It is difficult to estimate when you exceed 260 °C because there is no exact temperature reading on a hob.

Teflon® is a synthetic material with a very low friction coefficient. It is used, among other things, as a non-stick coating for different types of pans. Teflon® is used in a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications, ranging from medicine to cookware and homeware.

Depending on the brand of your toaster, the heating elements may or may not be positioned close to the toaster openings. It is important that the toast bag does not come into contact with the elements, or they may burn a hole in the bag. The bag itself is not flammable, so don’t worry that the bag will catch fire.

No. Confidence in the safety of Teflon® coated products is based on more than 40 years of laboratory testing.  The safety of Teflon® coated products has been confirmed by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), by extensive testing in the laboratories of The Chemour Company, and by millions of satisfied consumers in countries all over the world who have purchased and used Teflon® non-stick products for over 40 years without health effects.

To ensure better adhesion of the foil to the pan you can sprinkle some drops of water or oil in the pan before lining it with the foil.  This improves the contact between the foil and the pan, sealing the foil to the pan for better heat conduction.

Our range consists of several products for various applications. We offer products that are used with all types of ovens, frying pans, toasters and contact grills, as well as a range of handy kitchen accessories that will make your life easier. Take a look at our website and find out more about our comprehensive product range.

We have a specific product for BBQs: the NoStik® BBQ & Grill grate. This handy grate with its high-quality non-stick coating ensures that your food will never stick to your grill. What’s more, the BBQ grill grate is easy to clean so you won’t have to scrub your BBQ grill again. The small openings in the NoStik® BBQ grate make it the perfect solution for preparing delicate food like fish or scampi on your BBQ.

Yes, you can use pan foil in a non-stick pan. However, make sure not to overheat your pan.